Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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Fierce Salon is Complete


Fierce Salon

Wash (Season One) **FREE**
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Fierce Salon Season One: Wash includes episodes 1-5. 
When Nate Edwards left his drug addicted ex and his modeling career, he followed his other passion and opened up Fierce Salon. He's a player in every sense of the word but never steps over the line of professionalism when it comes to his staff. They are the only women off limits to him. 

Amy loses her job and her boyfriend on the same morning when her salon shuts down unexpectedly and she catches her boyfriend cyber cheating. When she runs into an old friend working at an upscale salon, Amy’s desperate situation begins to look up. 

It takes some convincing, but she lands her dream job and gets to spend her days looking at the most beautiful man she’s ever seen. If only he was willing to break his golden rule and see her as more than just an employee. 

Rinse (Season Two)
iTunes: Episode SixEpisode SevenEpisode EightEpisode NineEpisode TenRINSE

Fierce Salon Season 2: Rinse includes episodes 6-10. 

Nate and Amy stop trying to deny their attraction to each other. Once they give in to their desires, everything is wonderful...until Nate's ex shows up with a three-year-old in tow. 

Carly meets not one man but two and has to make a decision she never thought she'd be faced with. Choosing one hot man over another. Although, if the hints she's getting are sincere, she may not have to choose at all. 

Andre and Frankie are getting to know each other but agree to take it slow when Andre admits just how inexperienced with men he really is. 

Olivia continues to struggle with cutting out nicotine, but her new vice proves to be much more hazardous to her health. After driving away the one man she thought she could spend the rest of her life with, she falls prey to a dangerous stranger. 

**Content Warning: There is a rape scene at the end of episode ten.** 

Repeat (Season Three)

Fierce Salon Season Three: Repeat includes episodes 11 - 15. 

Follow the dramatic conclusion as more secrets are revealed. Hearts will be broken and relationships will change forever as the stylists at Fierce Salon discover what they really need in order to find love, acceptance, and most importantly, happiness. 

Carly's story will continue in Creamy's Bakery: Knead. 

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