If you have a funny, scary, unusual or otherwise entertaining hair salon story, I'd love to hear it. I'm looking for anecdotes to add to my new contemporary romance serial, Fierce Salon. If your story is chosen to be in a future episode, I'll send you a $25 gift card for amazon or any 'e-retailer' of your choice (as long as I can order it and get it to you via email). I'll also send you a paperback copy of "your episode" as soon as it's available.

Thanks for your interest and support!
-Aspen Drake


  1. Advice-when you have a specific hair cut you want and the stylist has to ask someone else how to cut it, run fast and run far! I have really finicky hair (not to mention some bald patches from skin grafts from burns I got as a chile) and pretty much if I want it to turn out I get a "Dorothy Hamill" cut. If its someone young, I have learned to ask for a wedge with a weight line. I had one stylist when I tried to explain it to her gave me a "skater" cut. Totally wrong--It was all angles and squared, not rounded. I spent have the afternoon at home snipping and rounding off one of the worst hair cuts I've ever had!

  2. Never have a deaf person cut your hair because you can't communicate what you want.

  3. A good friend of mine said he was going to give me an awesome cut and dye my hair a beautiful coppery color. Don't distract them while they color and stle your hair.We talked and laughed a mile a minute not paying attention the way he should have. I ended up with the shortest haircut ever, sticking up all over the place and hair the color of a cantelope. No lie.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  4. It was the preholiday season, but not long enough before to allow my hair to grow back out. I was going to a fancy holiday event.
    Of course the salon had music playing and scented candles, decorations, etc. The stylist, new to me, was chattering away to whoever would listen. She spun me around in the chair and I think the cape swelled out, I am not sure. It was behind me. Somehow she knocked over a candle, it flew up and hit me in the back of my head. The stylist was not watching. She had stepped away to grab something. I smelled burning hair before I realized it was mine.

  5. My stylist was supposed to be coloring my hair a pretty shade of auburn. However, it turned out to be a bright orange!! My husband started calling me Bozo the clown! I will never live that one down.